Secret Service Game

The main plot of this marker game is there are 2 teams, one is a hand full of assassin and/or snipers and a lot of secret service with one president. The secret service must protect the president at all costs to win the game.

The object of the game is to lead the president through a specific path that both the president team and the assassins team knows about. Usually the path is about 400 meters but you can shorten and lengthen it as you please.

The president and secret service objectives to potect the president and they must follow the exact path layed out, and in the middle of the path at again a designated spot the president must make a speech that should last at least one minute (the president does not actually have to make a speech but it is more fun if he/she does).  Once the president has made his/her speech then you must continue on until the end of the trail set out until the end.

The snipers/assassin teams objectives are to assassinate the president by any means possible.

Setting up the Game:

6 to infinite amount of players

Set up a 400 or more meter path way for the president

Everyone begins at the starting point of the path

Let the assassins go out first to discuss their plans and set up the ambush or assassination attempt, give about 5 to 10 minutes.


There is a time limit of about 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish, this keeps the game fair so that the Secret Service can not just keep sending out sweeping parties.

The president must be designated and he must has some type of flag or arm band that is viewable for both secret service and assassin teams.

Sniper team and Secret service teams are very unbalanced, usually for every one assassin there should be about 5 to 7 secret service people. This can be adjusted based on skill levels of your secret service or assassins.

The president must follow the designated path, secret service has no rules except keeping the president safe and keeping in bounds of the designated field but they ultimate goal is to keep the president safe during his path and his speech.

The assassin team will be given a 5 to 10 minute head start so they can find hiding spots, or some up with their plans to take out the president.

The game is won when the president reaches the finish line, or if an assassin completes his mission in taking out the president.

Optional Rules 1: You can give the president (only) a non-lethal hit rule. Meaning unless the president is shot in the body or the head he can stay alive, but if he/she is shot in the shoulder or the leg the president is not dead, but a secret service agent must help the president to move any where.

Optional Rules 2: The president may or may not carry a marker, it is more fun if he/she does not or you may give the president the most low tech marker like a Brass Eagle Nightmare or Sheridan PGP.

This is a great initiation game for noobs who have never played paintball with your group or have never played paintball ever. This game is also an awesome strategy game that will allow the paintball players to really work together for the ultimate goal, either taking out the president or keeping the president alive.

An please share your experience with us and let us know if you need a verification on rule or give us your rule changes.


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