Paintball Pads are a Good Investment

Paintball Chest Pads

Getting Paintball Pads are a good investment if you do not like the shock of getting hit with a paintball or you just do not like the welts you get after a game. When you are between the ages of 12 to 25 your body seems tougher, heals more quickly and are more resilient to the elements, when you hit the ages of 25 plus cuts, bruises, and the occasional welt seem to stick around longer which is why a good chest and sleeve protector might be a great investment.

Most people do not know that wearing a sweater is actually counter productive to protection the reason why is when a paintball breaks on you it is actually releasing the energy outwards in and reduces bruising, versus a sweater will sometimes slow the impact of the paintball just enough to not break and focus all of the energy in one spot which will cause harder bruising. Think of it like the difference of being hit with a stick versus being hit with a paddle, the paddle being a broken paintball, sure both hurts but you would rather get hit with a paddle.

There are many types of paintball protection out there, the key to finding the best one will be the movement. The more you can move in it and the lighter it is will be your best selection. Some vests and tops for paintball protection are very stiff and heavy. You do not need that much protection from a paintball no matter how old you are, you want it to cover the maximum area of your body with out hindering your speed and agility.

Lets face it, that is what makes paintball such a fun game, running around, dodging, jumping and sliding while firing paint-balls at you opponents. Why would you want to hinder that?

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