Looking for models for Possible Calendar

PEC Master Modeling

Yup! We have gone officially crazy we are looking for 2 things.

First thing is for people who are fans of the PEC Master, PEC Combat, PEC Storm, or Brass Eagle Nightmare products to send us your picture of your marker gun or with you holding your marker gun and any type of pose you wish as long as it is at least PG13 rated. These pictures will go into our coming fan galleries.

The second thing we are looking for is Male or female Models who want to get paid nothing or really crap wages to help us put a set of great photos together for a calendar or an online calendar. So if you are an aspiring, brand new, amateur, professional, or just think you could be a model then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you full credit on the website plus credit on each photo of who you are. We would rather work in trade, we have a good group of talented people so trade is probably our best answer for payment.

If you are a photographer then you may also reach us but you must be local to Southern California for right now, unless you are planning on flying back and forth.

We are currently working with professional photographers, and professional studio photographers… Yeah turns out there is a huge difference. So if you are willing to come help up capture these photos then there is a possibility you can expand on your current portfolio or make a whole new one with our photographer talents.

IMPORTANT: We are currently a non-profit (meaning we have no money for this) organization everything we are currently doing is for fans or general information so please if you are looking for a huge pay out, there is none.

If you are interested please go to our contact us page or click on the link below.

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