King of the Hill

Movie Still from Hamburger Hill

Taking the hill is a quick and easy fun game that has been an age old problem for most military tacticians. The object is to take the high ground. You will need to find a good sized hill or hill side that will be big enough for at least 6 players and steep enough to impair movement up it. Have a few players camp on top of it while the majority of the players rush to the top of the hill the game is won if all of the campers are eliminated, or the other team rushing the hill is eliminated.

Setting up the Game:

Field: Small to Medium hill or hill side

6 to infinite amount of players

Start: 1 or more campers at the top of the hill everyone else starts about 200 feet from the hill and ready to rush it.

Game begins when all players are ready and announce the start.


Camper objectives are to eliminate all opponents rushing to the top of the hill optimal effect will be to place each camper on the hill evenly apart around the hill. If there are only 2 campers then optimal effect would be to have one camper on top of the hill for the full 360 view and have one camper roaming around it taking players out from the hill sides.

Rushers objectives are to eliminate all campers on the hill, there are many tactics to do this from evenly rushing it from all sides of the hill, to grouping everyone together spartan style and rushing one side as hard as possible.

For every one camper, there should be at least 5 rushers and you can increase the amount of rushers depending on skill of the campers.


This game is a great thinking mans game, in most scenarios the campers have the overall advantage assuming they have enough paintball ammo of each rusher. This game will also test your tactics and strategies. If you want to make the game even harder give the campers radios so they can call out to each camper and let them know where all the rushers are coming from.

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