Commandos and Aliens

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Poster

This game is fun for the whole family! The object of the game is there are a few aliens against a bunch of commandos. But here is the catch, if you are an alien you must make up and alien noise that you must keep using while you are engaged in any paintball fire fight with a commando. Here is the double catch for every commando shot by and alien, they will now become an alien. Yup! That is right! The aliens are trying to assimilate the human race and their guns have the ability to change ordinary hard working people into one of them.

Setting up the Game:

Field: Medium to large outdoor in indoor field

6 to infinite amount of players

Everyone begins at a starting point or opposite side, if everyone is starting at the same starting point you must allow the aliens to leave first and give them up to 5 minutes of set up or hiding.


Alien Objectives are simple, assimilate all commandos into their collective by shooting paintballs and hitting commandos.

Commando objectives are just as easy, destroy all aliens by coloring them with paintballs.

There should be one alien to every 3 commandos, you can mark commandos with a colored arm band this way if a commando is turned into an alien he/she can take the arm band off to signify they are now aliens.

Once a commando is shot and turned into an alien, they must first call hit and be given at least 10 seconds to take off the armband and run off into the field to join the aliens.

Aliens must make funny alien noises to signify they are aliens at all times, this way there is no confusion on who is a commando and who is and alien. Plus it’s so much more fun to do it this way our. My personal favorite alien chant is meep meep from the 1990’s movie Mars Attacks.

The game is won when either all of the commandos or aliens have been eliminated.


So much chaos, confusion, and funny alien sounds this game is a great party game for large groups or the family.

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