Breaking out my PEC Master After 8 years

It’s been 8 years since I broke out my PEC Master, it was hidden in my closet in a black attache case, just waiting patiently for me to come back. Since the fall of paintball popularity in Southern California I have seen so many Paintball shops close and now I have been asked to play a game after 8 years, so I opened up the case and did not like what I saw. A very sad, and unused, and unclean P.E.C. Master Marker.

I began to think about this. Since she has always treated me well on the paintball field, and she has been my marker since I started and even played Semi-Pro paintball leagues at my side (RIP Team Alpha 3). She deserves more from me, she deserves only the best of care, and she deserves my love.

The Master has always been a great gun and I decided to shop around for some new accessories for her.

I could not find much of anything, even craigslist and eBay had nothing for the P.E.C. Master or the Storm. So I am taking a stand and built this site so that maybe I can pull in old and new fans for the PEC Master guns.

Here I will make my stand firm and show the fans of the Master and Storm gun markers that there is still a life after company death.

About PEC Master