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America F&%K Yeah!

We are a PEC Master and Brass Eagle fan site and with so many paintballers still in the world we are just a group of people still keeping these paintball markers alive. Currently we are generating web hits and fan registrations at a phenominal rate. Plus since our site is very focused on pump style and vintage paintball marker people our focus market is very niche.

Our advertisement space is simple, and extremely cheap at a valus cost. For $100 dollars USD you will get a front image ad in our featured articles, one full page ad in our web businesses section, one short ad on the bottom right of our home page, and the greatest thing about what you get for your money is that your ad stays up there for a life time.

Yup! A whole life time!

As long as this website is up your advertisement will be up and the only thing we will do is once a year check to see if your company is still doing business.

To become an advertiser all you need to do is go to our Contact us form, and let us know you are wanting to become an advertiser and we will send you a registration package. We will also ask you (but not nessessary) to become a part of our community so that you may give your insights about our postings and articles. Believe us when we tell you this helps a lot because when you become a part of our community you can give your expert opionion which gives our fans a person they can trust, and when people trust you they love you, and when they love you they will blindly follow your information to your store or place of business. Very simple.

For payment ease we use Paypal so you will be abe to use any type of Credit card or bank to fund your adversitement with us.

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